Thursday, February 26, 2015

When It's Cold in Philadelphia, Visit Haddonfield

Tired of winter, Philadelphia?  Exhausted by the snow, South Jersey? Hurry to historic Haddonfield. It’s a town with just enough magic to make you happy in the cold while you wait for warmer weather.

After a snowstorm, or even during one, Haddonfield is an especially beautiful place to explore…and you don’t even need to tackle slippery roads to get there.

A quick hop across the Ben Franklin Bridge by PATCO Speedline (11 minutes) and a short ride from all points served by PATCO in New Jersey, Haddonfield welcomes winter-worn visitors with picturesque scenes. Covered in snow, the town looks like a storybook illustration.

If you arrive in town layered for warmth, comfort and walking you'll soon be having fun and feeling far away from droning weather reports about traffic delays, downed power lines and canceled flights. Haddonfield turns down the volume on all of that. 

It whispers to you instead - about snow angels, sledding and how much fun it might be to build a snow man.

Only a few minutes into a snow walk in Haddonfield you might just find yourself smiling – breathing frosty, clean air as you make your way along streets that reveal picture-perfect Americana in every direction will have that effect on you.  If not, look up. It’s hard not to brighten at the sight and tickle of snowflakes.

Walk along King’s Highway, Tanner Street and Lantern Lane, where more than 200 storefronts in Colonial buildings invite you to peek and linger. Along the way you’ll find a bronze sculpture of a historically-significant dinosaur.

Haddonfield is an ideal shopping destination. It turns shopping and “just looking” into genuinely interesting pastimes.

Store windows are lined with treasure – from glassware, antiques and fine jewelry, to crafts, books and fashion that ranges from bridal to casual-chic. By the way, Haddonfield has fabulous consignment – you’ll find seven consignment shops within just a few blocks of each other.

Haddonfield is also a great place to replace winter “hat head” with a fresh style for spring – the little town boasts a surprising number of hair salons – over 30 at last count!

After you’ve explored the center of Haddonfield, meander along the town’s residential side streets. Washington Street in particular is one you’ll want to visit – it’s an easy three-minute walk from Kings Highway and lined with some of the town’s most beautifully-restored Colonial and Victorian houses. 

Haddonfield's Historic District includes 488 houses, buildings, and sites and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Back on King’s Highway, come in out of the cold and reward your invigorated self with expertly curated teas and coffees at The Coffee BouTEAque then lunch delectably at Little Tuna, The British Chip Shop or Ludovico’s. Two award-winning favorites in Haddonfield are Fuji  Restaurant and Da Soli - you won't want to miss them. 

Too happy to leave this winter wonderland? Stay overnight in cozy elegance at Haddonfield Inn.

Minutes on a train, an hour or two of walking in postcard-perfect scenery then back home in no time – that’s how easy it is to skip being “snowed in” during a storm in favor of exploring Haddonfield.

Just imagine the PATCO line as an escape route from cabin fever during the next round of “inclement weather” in Philadelphia and South Jersey then make your way to Haddonfield to beat the winter blues.

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