Monday, November 14, 2011

An Autumn Walk on the Upper West Side

Manhattan is beautiful year-round but it seems at its best in Autumn, especially on the Upper West Side.   

The morning sun gilds these Upper West Side brownstones.  

It's misty and peaceful only along West 73rd Street. The roar of Columbus Avenue nearby seems muted.

Autumn colors are at their peak along Central Park West.

A lovely morning or splendor in the park? Daniel Webster seems lost for just the right words. 

 Signs of hurricaine damage but it's more fun to think this tree, in delight, eased down its limbs to touch the dew.

A pedi-cab driver commutes accompanied only by the rustle of leaves and a gentle whirr of wheels.

An Autumn in New York view through a canopy of color.


  1. Ann, so happy you enjoyed the photos - what a beautiful day that was!Cheers to a fellow NYC fan.

  2. These photos are absolutely beautiful! There really is nothing more beautiful than New York in the Fall... except for maybe New York after/during the first snow fall. But regardless, we love to watch the leaves fall this time of year!

  3. Rockrose,thanks for stopping in and enjoying the photos! I agree, there's just something so amazing about New York in the Fall - gorgeous!

  4. Hi City Girl! I LOVE these photos, they are so beautiful and atmospheric. I'd love to use one in an interview feature on my blog - could I? I will fully credit you :-)

    1. Hi Ellie, Absolutely and thank you! I just saw that you love Woody Allen movies and Curb Your Enthusiasm fan too. Nice! Thanks again.


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