Monday, January 16, 2012

Winter Activities: Extremely Cold but Incredibly Fun

When temperatures dip below freezing your thoughts might drift south toward blue-water beaches where only drinks need to dress. If you haven’t escaped the cold by mid-January your grumbling about the weather might alternate with bouts of winter blues. But hibernating and complaining only deepen chills and make the blues even worse. Remember, “Whatever you resist persists.”

This year, choose to embrace the cold, through multiple layers, with a smile.

Photo by Pixadaus

If deep pockets are part of your winter wardrobe head north to Quebec City where the annual Winter Carnival is cause for sub-zero celebration. There you can discover exotic cold-weather pastimes like ice canoe racing, ice sculpting and snow rafting in a wonderland setting recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

If you really want to test your winter limits, consider a Canadian dog sledding getaway where rustic accommodations are authentically Algonquin – wigwam shelter, bison bedding and firewood included. It’s hard to complain about the weather while yelling, “Mush! Mush!” into the wind.

For a more luxurious approach to winter endurance training, travel north of Quebec City to the Charlevoix region, one of only three populated meteorite impact craters on the planet and a UNESCO World Biosphere Site. Charlevoix’s art scene, five-star resorts and excellent restaurants draw travelers from around the world each year.
Photo by GoCanada
But if instead of deep pockets you’re just getting by this winter with a pair of Dickensian finger-less gloves, not to worry. You don’t have to travel to embrace the weather. It’s right outside you’re front door – get out there and give it a great big bear hug.

In New York, there is no more beautiful place to be on a cold or snowy day than in Central Park. In every direction, your eyes capture scenery that looks sketched or painted in Victorian hues of brown and charcoal.

Photo by Maria Gorshin
If you can manage a more bracing experience, walk along a river on a cold, windy day.

In New York, mist off the churning Hudson River will hurry your steps and quicken the flood of endorphins you’ll feel during your learn-to-love-the-cold-weather session.

Photo by Maria Gorshin

Along the way the resolute facades of corporate monoliths may inspire you to stand equally as firm in your decision never to cower from weather again.

Photo by Maria Gorshin
In Philadelphia, along the Schuylkill River Walk, low-rise industrial buildings and high-rise towers will vie for your attention...

Photo by Maria Gorshin

as you move toward the warmth of a cozy café.

Photo by Maria Gorshin
By the time you return indoors, breathless and pink-cheeked, you’ll have forgotten most of your gripes against winter and spring may seem much closer than before.

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