Monday, December 12, 2011

Best NYC Shops for the Best NYC Holiday Gifts

Ready to plunge into holiday shopping? If your out-of-town friends and family love New York as much as you do they might enjoy a little something from the big city. Go subway retro...

or New York City brunch authentic.

Or pay holiday homage to the ubiquitous food cart - New Yorker's last source of cheap eats.

Go the Fifth Avenue route with this glitzy yet fun bauble from Henri Bendel (Photo by Rosemary Nardone, clic klink to see more NYC treats and edible treasures at

or send off this pack of I Love New York miniature holiday ornaments...please say you won't!

How about a unique pin, one that might evoke memories of a childhood apartment or envy for a rent-controlled place in the city? You can almost heare the pipes knocking and hissing.

How about a nice cup of New York coffee? A city icon in ceramic. No clear cups, green straws or fancy names. Just coffee - black or regular - from the neighborhood diner.

My favorite places to shop for New York-centric gifts? I like to start at The New York Transit Museum Gallery and Store where you can skip the transit-maps-on-clothes section to find meaningful gifts for ex-pat New Yorkers, even a chunk of subway history for a former straphanger.

The Lower East Side Tenement Museum Store is hands down my favorite place to shop year-round for New York memorabilia, books on history and city architecture, quirky gifts and more. Browse in person -  you'll enjoy talking with the knowledgable guides and curators on site. It's a place to linger and learn.

Don't overlook City Store, located at the Manhattan Municipal Building and at the Manhattan Office of the City Clerk. As official purveyors of NYC 'tchotchkes', they've got gift-worthy goods on their shelves, from stationery and plush-toy city squirrels to items that might hurt a nostalgists feelings. Choose wisely - wearable pieces of Yankee Stadium aren't for everyone.

Then there are all of the one-off shops throughout the East Village - set aside some time to zig-zag the streets and explore. It's worth it. The Library Shop, located at the 42nd Street New York Public Library just past the lions, and The New York Historical Society on the Upper West Side are two more favorite places where shopping is local and interesting.

Happy Holidays, New York!


  1. These are some great suggestions! But with so many places to choose from in New York City, it's so difficult to decide! I usually end up purchasing half a dozen gifts for others and a half dozen for myself! Have you ever been over to the West Village shop, OHWOW? They've got great gifts for lovers of or those who live in New York! Next time you venture out of the Upper West Side, you should check it out!

  2. So true, Austin, it's difficult to decide and just as difficult not to over shop for yourself! Fun though...and no, I haven't been to OHWOW but your comment and this NYT piece have me very interested. I'll check it out...thanks! :-)

  3. I went to subway shop. It was very crowed at that time as those were Christmas holidays. But shop is marvelous and I would suggest everybody to visit it.

    Sarah From Store Hours


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