Monday, January 25, 2010

Writers Blogging: A Bad Idea?

Should writers blog? It seems risky to me. Writing anything well takes a lot of time, effort and many drafts. The best writing reads effortlessly because all of the hard work has taken place behind the scenes. The reader gets to coast along on perfect prose oblivious to all of the messy hard work it takes to get the words just right.

Blogging is the opposite of writing. It's getting ideas down quickly and sending them out the door before they've had a chance to look in the mirror for a quick touch-up. Never a good idea. If you're a professional writer and you let others read your blog is that like being a professional musician who let's people see him miss points in Rock Band? There's the risk that people watching might take the playtime performance as a reflection of realtime efforts. Let's hope not.

I'm a writer and this is my unedited, un-rewritten, rushed-through, first-time blog. Thank you for reading it and welcome to my bad idea.

Maria Brading Gorshin

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  1. i've struggled with that idea myself for years. but i've changed the way i've blogged ever since. now i spend a great deal of time being careful about the execution, and will not forgo quality. of course, the sacrifice is - it will be nearly impossible to be consistent and timely with posts.


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